We restore church statues and sell new church statuary .We restore plaster statues.
Statues we sell and statues we repair include, Sacred heart, Mary statues, infant of prague, Corpus statue,Saint patrick statue ,Saint michael statues, altar angels, Reposed Christ, Altar Angels, Daprato, Bernardini, Pedestals, Immaculate conception statue, Saint Therese statues
Stations of the cross, Nativity Set, Saint Joseph statue,Saint rose statues Saint Rita Statue. daprato statues daprato statue repair church restoration. Statue Restoration statue restore. Statue painting, saint statues . stations of the cross

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Sacred Heart of Mary

immaculate conception statue
saint patrick statue restoration for church
hand painted church statue
altar angel hand painted
altar angel restored for church s
saint joseph statue
king of heaven statue daprato
saint rita statue

Sacred Heart

Saint Therese

King of Heaven

Immaculate Conception

Saint Rita

Saint Joseph Statue

Saint Patrick 

Saint Rose

Infant of Prague

Adoring Angel

Electrified Angel